Go Your Own Way: Navigating career pressures and creating your own path

Date & Time
Thursday, April 15, 2021 -
6:00pm to 7:30pm
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Contact Information
Chris Hill, cjh@unc.edu

Having trouble deciding what to do after graduation? Are you seeing all your friends get jobs, internships, getting into graduate school? Not certain if working for an ad agency or news outlet in New York is right for you? Do you want to take a gap year to travel or gain more experience? Feeling burnt out after an exhausting year online? 

The pressure to figure out your career after graduation is real but may not be right for everyone. Come hear recent Hussman alumni and a current Hussman graduate student discuss these experiences and answer questions about the alternative path they have taken after graduation.


Ian Dowling '20 - Studied journalism at the Hussman School with a focus in graphic design. After graduation, Dowling decided to start his own couture and ready-to-wear brand.

Olivia Ingram '17 - Studied public relations and worked for UNC Winston House in London before joining the Peace Corps in Ukraine.

Oliver Jones '17 - Studied public relations and worked at APCO Worldwide in London for a year before getting his TESL certification in Thailand so that he could teach English in Japan.

Amari Pollard M.A. '21 - Graduated from Le Moyne College in 2017 with a degree in communications.  Pollard  worked in social media for The Week in New York before coming to the Hussman School for a M.A. degree in strategic communication.

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This event is a collarboration between Hussman Career Services and Hussman Global, Immersive and Professional Programs.