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Frequently Asked Questions

PeopleAdmin is the UNC recruitment system.

All school vacancies are posted on Careers at Carolina. In addition, job postings are automatically advertised on the following websites:

Hiring managers may also elect to post their jobs on and (Higher Education Recruitment Consortium).

The hiring manager is responsible for the cost of any additional external advertising. External advertising at reduced rates can be requested through Graystone Advertising.

Please make sure to include the following Equal Employment Opportunity statement in external vacancy announcements:

The University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and welcomes all to apply without regard to age, color, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or veteran status.

The minimum required size of the search committee is two individuals for SHRA recruitments and three individuals for EHRA recruitments. A diverse search committee includes individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Examples of diverse perspective include but are not limited to: individuals of different faculty rank, gender or race; individuals with veteran status; and campus partners from outside the school.


Please consider including supplemental questions to your job posting in PeopleAdmin. Supplemental questions can be designed to solicit additional information from applicants about position-critical experience, qualifications and competencies. Please reach out to Human Resources Consultant Dina Sikora for assistance in developing questions for the job posting.

You can start screening applications and conduct phone or Zoom interviews as soon as the position has been posted in PeopleAdmin.


For SHRA permanent recruitments, a minimum of three candidates must be interviewed for any advertised position. Interviews may take place by telephone, via Zoom or in person, but the interview questions must be applied consistently regardless of method of contact.


For each finalist, please make sure to check at least three references, including previous supervisors, where possible.


The selection justification should demonstrate how the candidate’s education, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities, meet the requirements of the job. Please make sure to address all essential position requirements (as advertised in the job posting) and preferred qualifications.

PeopleAdmin automatically notifies all non-selected candidates once the recruitment is completed. However, we ask that you reach out to candidates interviewed for the position to notify them individually as a courtesy.


A student performing work for pay must be hired into temporary EHRA or SHRA student job prior to the first day of work. However, unlike other types of temporary employees, students enrolled in a UNC-Chapel Hill program normally do not require a background check or a job posting to be hired. Please contact Human Resources Consultant Dina Sikora for additional information.

If you are interested in becoming a work-study supervisor, start by completing WS Supervisor Registration (JobX access is granted within 3 business days of completion). After completing training, log on to JobX to create and post your jobs.

Once you have identified a work-study student:

  1. Complete the hiring action through JobX and copy in the email notification
  2. Once the start date is confirmed, notify Human Resources Consultant Dina Sikora at least two weeks in advance. Include the chart field string that will be used to pay for 15% of the hourly rate.

Minors are individuals who are less than 18 years of age.


If you would like to invite a minor to work in your unit (in either a paid or unpaid capacity), please make sure to contact Human Resources Consultant Dina Sikora at least 4 weeks prior to their anticipated start date.

Mentors and supervisors of a minor are required to complete the following online trainings annually:

Please retain an email confirmation of training completion in your files.


Temporary employees can be hired:

Any employee hired through a temporary agency will need to be set up as an affiliate in order to access the UNC systems. Please note that an SHRA temporary appointment cannot exceed 12 months.


If you have identified the preferred candidate for the position who requires visa sponsorship, please contact Human Resources Consultant Dina Sikora for advice about the process and timelines.