Czabovsky's creative and professional work, as well as his research, focuses on diversifying and disrupting strategic communication, public relations and advertising. Within this realm, he often examines under explored types of publics, such as minority and niche communities. Though the industry sectors he examines are diverse – from politics to entertainment to investor relations – the objectives of his work are the same, as he seeks to create a better understanding of the diversity of publics, improve the way we measure and evaluate efforts, and disrupt the tactics we are using to reach these diverse publics. Thus, whether it’s examining different strategic tactics that organizations have used when considering LGBTQ publics or informing the financial community about how to better use digital tools to reach investing publics, all of his work falls into this timeline of using public-focused approaches to improve measurement and tactical approaches.

As a creative track faculty member, he has been able to demonstrate how modern strategic communication can diversify its tactics by distributing his work across many types of venues and mediums. He has been published in professional outlets, such as IR Update and PR Tactics, as well as traditional academic journals, such as PR Inquiry, the Charlotte Law Review, Journalism History, the Journal of Consumer Marketing, and the Atlantic Journal of Communication.

Furthermore, his creative work has received national attention. Cabpolitical, which focuses on these questions from a political data perspective, seasonally publishes during election years, has obtained national press, and has led him to be an on-air analyst during the 2016 election. Other work has demonstrated how video and media tools, such as documentaries, can be used to bring about social change for community organizations that reach out to minority youth. His most recent project, a feature documentary called Writing My Own Happy Ending, is currently showcasing in film festivals where it has won honors, such as “Best Overall Film.”

Czabovsky's professional career began in Los Angeles, and he has since obtained a J.D. and a Ph.D. In addition to his strategic communication work, he maintains his law license in the state of North Carolina.




  • Ph.D, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • J.D., Michigan State University College of Law
  • B.F.A., Chapman University