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Incorporating international experiences into your time at university is an amazing and challenging opportunity that can help you set and reach fulfilling personal, academic and professional goals.

Through studying or working abroad, interning for an international organization, or participating in courses and projects with global components, students have the opportunity to discover and learn about their chosen career paths around the world.

The GIP (Global, Immersive and Professional) Programs team manages the Hussman School study abroad exchanges and helps coordinate other international opportunities in the school. We are available to meet with students to discuss our global programs and offer assistance with global opportunities outside of the school.


Dr. Hui YangDr. Hui Yang 

Assistant Director of Global, Immersive and Professional Programs
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Global impact

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Study Abroad Exchanges

The UNC Study Abroad Office offers many semester and summer-long programs in which students are able to take classes for Hussman School credit. Five of these programs are exclusively for Hussman School majors and allow students to study at top communication schools around the world. These special programs are listed below.

Students have taken courses for MEJO credit at a number of study abroad programs around the world and are not limited to the programs below.  Hussman Students cannot earn MEJO core requirements or capstone courses, and should take at least four concentration courses (AD/PR or journalism level 1, 2 or 3) on campus.

Make an appointment to explore how you can build a study abroad experience into your time at the Hussman School.


City University London - England   Catholic University of Argentina - Buenos Aires

Santiago, Chile

University of Navarra - Pamplona, Spain University of Hong Kong - China (Back for Spring 2024!)

Catholic University of Chile -


MEJO Courses Abroad



Study Abroad Credit 

Students can earn two MEJO area of study (journalism or AD/PR level 1, 2 or 3), two conceptual and one choice requirements while abroad.  Students cannot earn MEJO core courses (MEJO 153, 121, 340/1) abroad or capstone courses (600-level). Please contact or make an appointment to speak to a global staff member about any questions.

Not all courses have a direct equivalent and may be approved for special topics/skills courses (MEJO 390 or 490) or general MEJO courses such as MEJO ----. Students will need to request a study abroad Tar Heel Tracker adjustment for these courses. Please use the form below. 

Study Abroad Credit Adjustment

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Global Immersion Programs

The Hussman School offers short-term global immersion programs that give students an opportunity to better understand media markets around the world.

  • "MEJO 437: Media in Asia" is a two-week course held in May in which the class visits Tokyo and Seoul to conduct industry visits and study the media landscape. There is a spring section of MEJO 437 that does not include travel, and site visits are virtual. 
  • "MEJO 447: Media in the United Kingdom" is a spring semester class that features a spring break trip to London. While in London, the class visits media organizations such as the BBC, Google, New York Times and Wunderman to gain insight in U.K. media.

Students may also have global opportunities as part of other Hussman School courses. The school is constantly exploring ways to incorporate travel and global awareness into classes. Current courses that give students the chance to go abroad include:

  • "MEJO 584: International Projects" is offered each spring and takes students to a global location each spring break to create a multimedia documentary project. The course has previously completed projects in Belize, Cuba, Malawi, Panama and the Galapagos Islands, among others.
  • "MEJO 625: Media Hub" allows select students the opportunity to travel internationally to complete an independent reporting project in this capstone course. Students have traveled to France, Austria, Chile, Colombia and Puerto Rico, among others.

Follow the School at @UNCHussman to stay on top of new developments, opportunities and upcoming deadlines for global programs.

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Interning abroad

Interning abroad is a great way to combine a global activity with resume building professional experience. It is a challenge to arrange an international internship and there are many issues to consider and hurdles to jump. However, for many students who managed to arrange such an experience, the hard work paid off and they had a valuable professional and personal experience.

There are many ways to secure an international internship from study abroad programs that include an internship as an integral part of the program, to independently sourcing and arranging one, to using a third party internship company. There are many questions and issues with any option that should be fully considered. Whichever approach you decide on, lining up an international internship takes time and the process should be started many months in advance.

An in-depth discussion of the questions surrounding international internships can be found in this guide. If you have any other questions after reading the guide, please make an appointment.

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Funding for international activity

The university works hard to make international activities accessible to all students. UNC-Chapel Hill and the Hussman School recognize that financial concerns sometimes prevent students from taking part in global opportunities.

The Hussman School has a number of funds that provide resources for international programs. Announcements about funding opportunities are distributed through @UNCHussman.

UNC Embark has a comprehensive database of funding opportunities from both inside and outside UNC-Chapel Hill. Depending on the funding source, this money could be used to pay for Hussman School programs, UNC affiliated study abroad programs, or independently organized international initiatives.

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Students in the spring 2022 “MEJO 584: International Projects” class produced the multimedia project “Living Galápagos," which explores social and environmental issues facing the people of San Cristóbal, one of the islands in the Galápagos chain located off the coast of Ecuador. The "MEJO 584" course visits and produces work about a different international destination every year.

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