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Identity guidelines


The UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media

Make the second reference UNC Hussman. For subsequent references Hussman or the school are appropriate.

The school's tagline is Start Here / Never Stop. The tagline is written Start Here / Never Stop (uppercase, no quotations, no periods, spaces around the slash to reflect the brand logo.) Example: Start Here / Never Stop Seminar; Start Here / Never Stop Campaign.


Events, studies, campus-wide initiatives, revenue makers, groups funded outside of the University and student groups are outside of this system and will not have a unit logo or department logo. These groups can create their own unique logo, which can be paired with the main UNC logo or Hussman logo when appropriate.

For more information, please see the UNC branding and visual identity guidelines.


Hussman logo horizontal (blue)

Hussman logo horizontal (white)

Hussman logo horizontal (black)

Hussman logo horizontal (blue and black)



Hussman logo vertical (blue)

Hussman logo vertical (white)

Hussman logo vertical (black)

Hussman logo vertical (blue and black) 

Hussman social media accounts


UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media page

Media and Journalism Alumni Association (MJAA) group

North Carolina Scholastic Media

UNC Blue Sky Innovations



















UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media page

Media and Journalism Alumni Association (MJAA) group

Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media

UNC Blue Sky Innovations 


UNC Hussman School of Media and Journalism page

LinkedIn style for employees

Please ensure the Experience section of your LinkedIn profile successfully connects to the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media as its Company. When done correctly, the Hussman LinkedIn page logo will appear next to that position listing and you will be officially listed as one an employee.

LinkedIn style for alumni and current students

To be listed as both a Hussman graduate and a UNC graduate, alumni and students need to have double entries in the Education section. These double entries are normal across LinkedIn profiles and are necessary for universities to have accurate listings. Please make sure you have both an entry for UNC-Chapel Hill and an entry for Hussman. (Business journalism grads would be encouraged to have three entries — UNC, Hussman, KFBS.)

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Publicity Request Form

Please use this form to alert the Hussman communications team if there is something you would like to publicize.



Research/Creative Submission Form

This form was created to help the graduate department and Park Library keep track of creative or professional content or research you are currently working on or have recently completed, or to let us know about the outstanding work of one or more of your colleagues.



UNC Digital Accessibility Issue

The University is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment that includes making its digital resources and services accessible to all users. If you cannot access content or use features on any UNC Hussman websites, please use the report an issue form below to contact the Digital Accessibility Office for assistance.