Graduates of the journalism area of study receive a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Journalism.

The journalism curriculum prepares students to present news and information with the intent to better inform society — through nonfiction storytelling that utilizes multiple media tools. The curriculum is based in a solid foundation of ethical and legally sound reporting that engages audiences through the written word, videography, informational graphics, interactive media — as well tools of virtual and augmented reality.

The Hussman School educates and inspires highly motivated, innovative, creative problem solvers to lead the public conversation from a foundation of critical thinking, storytelling and data analytics. Students maintain an unwavering commitment to the ideals of accuracy and fairness.

Student Work (Journalism)

Documenting the American South
Carolina Global Photo Competition: We Are All Americans
Carolina Global Photo Competition: Rice Needs Rain
Carolina Global Photo Competition: The Marketplace
Carolina Global Photo Competition: Eiffel Tower at Twilight
Seeking Shelter