MEJO 390 and 490 Course Descriptions (Spring 2020)


MEJO 490.1: Undergraduate Research in Political Communication

The purpose of this course is to involve undergraduate students in the conduct of supervised research related to political communication during the 2020 U.S. presidential elections. This research will take shape around the 2020 Iowa Democratic Caucuses. This course will be organized around training for this research project, data analysis from the Iowa trip, and further analyses both quantitative and qualitative of the 2020 presidential cycle. Students will analyze how social identity appeals take shape on the ground through the work of candidates and campaigns during the 2020 Iowa caucuses. Students participating in this research project will complete certification in human subjects research through the UNC Institutional Review Board and receive training in qualitative field research methods. Students will attend political events and rallies, document campaign social media strategies, observe the workings of field offices, and conduct interviews with campaign staffers and citizens, while systematically documenting their experiences. Students will then engage in analyzing the data and work on additional analyses of social media content from the 2020 presidential election.

Credits: 3
Instructor: Daniel Kreiss and Joe Czabovsky

MEJO 490.2: International Public Relations

This course aims to introduce students to the global and international perspectives of public relations. Corporations, governments, and non-government organizations (NGOs) actively seek to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with the publics in other countries beyond their national boundaries. Public relations agencies serve foreign clients facing a variety of issues and challenges on a global scale. Key literature on international public relations, public diplomacy, global reputation management, and international media relations will be covered with practical applications and real-life cases.

Conceptual; AD/PR
Credits: 3
Instructor: Dr. Suman Lee


MEJO 490.3: Career Exploration and Preparation

This course will provide detailed information about all communications careers; help discover which careers best suit you; make sure your brand matches your career choice; help you maximize mentor relationships while becoming more effective networkers; and help you better understand all available job search resources. This will essentially be the final step in making sure you look and sound impressive while your portfolios maximize the magnitude of your experiences, are polished and guaranteed to impress (and help you get a job)!

Conceptual; AD/PR
Credits: 3
Instructor: Livis Freeman


MEJO 490.4: Advertising in the Age of Alexa, AI and Algorithms or: How to Stop Worrying and Build a Dynamic Brand
 An exploration of established advertising and brand theory and their evolving best practices in response to decades of continuous digital disruption. Through selected readings, engaging discussion, student research, and live interface with some of today’s most enlightened, real-world practitioners, we'll investigate:
• How the never-ending cascade of content on powerful platforms shapes both attitudes and behavior, indeed, how we live our lives, with profound consequences for our shopping behavior, purchase decisions, and the marketing strategies designed to engage consumers through “advertising”.
• How previously proven marketing communications methods, and entire ad-based business and service models, have been challenged, destroyed, and discarded. 
• Why the fundamental objectives and tools in creating brand-based relationships remain remarkably constant in a dynamic sector driving change in technology, culture, and commerce, and 
• What it all might mean for students seeking a career in the maturing or emerging wings of the profession.

Conceptual; AD/PR
Credits: 3
Instructor: Louis Killeffer