Fall 2020 information

In a new video message to the community, Chanellor Kevin Guskiewicz discussed UNC-Chapel Hill's  Roadmap for Fall 2020 and highlighted UNC-Chapel Hill’s community standards on providing a safe environment for students, faculty and staff.  Watch the video here. The newest information from UNC-Chapel Hill will come from the University and continue to be updated on http://carolinatogether.unc.edu/.

Academic update: In his weekly message, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Bob Blouin, Executive Director for implementation of the  Roadmap for Fall 2020 noted, "all students can currently view their schedules in ConnectCarolina, but registration remains closed for returning students until July 21. During this period, changes will continue to occur as we maximize the flexibility in our fall schedule."

There may be a delay in getting UNC Hussman student schedules updated on ConnectCarolina. The Undergraduate Hub team will alert you via student newsletter when the registrar has final schedules in place. The Undergraduate Hub team is here to help our students navigate this period.


UNC Hussman updates on safety guidelines:

UNC Hussman Dean Susan King has announced that the school is approaching Fall 2020 with the mantra "Safety First, Student-Centered." Hussman leadership, along with faculty and staff, continue to put plans in place for a safe return to Carroll Hall. Guidelines for the building will include requirements that all students, faculty, staff and visitors wear a mask in both classrooms and public spaces, maintain six feet of distance between each other and wash hands frequently.