Grading Policy Changes for UNC Hussman Undergraduates

The UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media is adopting the Emergency Grading Accommodation for the Spring 2020 semester.

We hope this will help reduce some of the stress and anxiety we know many students are feeling this semester. Our faculty and staff are committed to your overall well-being and success, and we are working to ensure that students are prepared for the next level of courses in your major.

What does the emergency grading accommodation mean for UNC Hussman undergraduates?

  • It means undergraduate students may formally request a pass/fail grade for any of our Spring 2020 MEJO courses. The deadline for students to declare a course pass/fail is August 7, 2020. Students who elect to place a course on or remove a course from pass/fail will do so through the Office of the University Registrar using this link.
  • A grade of pass will not count toward a student’s GPA, but it will count toward earned semester hours. Letter grades will still be provided for undergraduates unless they formally request the pass/fail option.
  • The school normally requires that students earn a “C-” or a “C” letter grade in some courses in order for a course to qualify as a prerequisite for the next level course. We are temporarily suspending that requirement. This means that if a MEJO course is a prerequisite for another MEJO course, the student must earn a grade above an “F” (fail) in order to satisfy the prerequisite.
  • Additionally, students who are unable to complete a course during the normal Spring 2020 semester timeline will have the option of taking a “CV” instead of an Incomplete. The CV designation allows students 3 months beyond our initial incompletion guidelines to finish the course. 

Our dedicated Academic Advising staff in the Undergraduate Hub ( are here to help you navigate the changes and challenges of this semester.