Message from Dean Susan King to UNC Hussman students

Dear UNC Hussman Students,

Late this afternoon, the Chancellor and Provost engaged with the deans as we discussed the COVID-19 positivity rate rise on campus. I know that the upheaval of this summer and fall semester have already caused stress for all in our community. Many of us will have to rearrange lives once again as we have done throughout this pandemic. But the leadership, faculty and staff of UNC Hussman are here for you as we navigate this change.

I am so proud of the way you our students have responded in these challenging times with patience and perseverance. 

As a professional school given discretion to decide on graduate program courses, we have decided to move all of our teaching and learning to remote on both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The University begins all remote learning on Wednesday, August 19. UNC Hussman instructors may use their discretion on the mode of delivery for their courses on Monday, August 17 and Tuesday, August 18. Our instructors will be very understanding of your personal needs regarding your schedule.

Your faculty members are your most important point of contact about your classes. Expect to hear from them immediately.

UNC-Chapel Hill has faced some hard decisions, and none of them are perfect. But the data led the way to an off-ramp. The UNC-Chapel Hill dashboard was put together with the advice of the well-respected scientists on campus, and it leads to a clear conclusion. I am pleased that Chancellor Guskiewicz and Provost Blouin and UNC System leaders followed that data to the logical conclusion.

Looking ahead, we know this won’t be easy — but we are prepared to go this route and make this a meaningful semester for all of you.

We know that in this digital era, we need to teach our students to be flexible and deal with the unexpected. This year, you are truly learning about that firsthand.

Since this summer, I have encouraged faculty to do what felt most comfortable about how to teach this semester; and we at UNC Hussman have been clear that students had that choice as well. 

At the same time, staff and particularly the IT department who have been working remotely since March have diligently planned for virtual options. 

Our staff is standing by virtually to help you through this via the Undergraduate Hub

Thank you again for your perseverance and patience this semester.

I’ll continue to be in touch with you when we have additional, Hussman-specific details to share. 

Please know that now more than ever, the Hussman family will be there for you.

My motto remains “Safety First, Student-Centered.”

-Dean Susan King

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