UNC at NCA and MAPOR 2019

A vibrant and collaborative interdisciplinary research culture at the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media creates new knowledge, advances scholarship and helps reinvent media.

Below is a list of recently presented scholarship by UNC Hussman faculty and students, including Park doctoral fellow Jordan Morehouse (right), who presented an award-winning paper at the NCA Convention.

National Communication Association

The National Communication Association 105th Annual Convention took place Nov. 14-17, in Baltimore, Maryland. This year’s theme was "Communication for Survival." UNC Hussman School faculty and student activities at NCA 2019 included:

  • Assistant Professor Adam Saffer presented "Surviving and being heard in crowded social media networks: Toward a network model of public attention."
  • Jordan Morehouse (Ph.D. candidate) presented and won a Top Student Paper award for "Examining Lay-Led Leadership Roundtable: How stakeholders utilize post-crisis discourse of renewal."
  • Assistant Professor Lucinda Austin presented "Intercultural disaster communication and community resilience: Examining post-hurricane communication in communities with limited English-speaking proficiency."
  • Work co-authored by Professor Seth Noar, "Black college women’s interpersonal communication in response to a health communication intervention: A mixed methods study," was presented.
  • Assistant Professor Spencer Barnes participated in the spotlight session "Visual communication scholars spotlight discussion: The state of the field."
  • Yan Qu (Ph.D. student) presented "Communicating stakeholder engagement and its quality: Analyzing the CSR reports of the leading Chinese companies."

Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research

The Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research Annual Conference took place Nov. 22-23, in Chicago, Illinois. This year’s theme was "Where Methods and Substance Meet: Reflecting the Present and Shaping the Future of Public Opinion and Survey Research." UNC Hussman School faculty and student activities at MAPOR 2019 included:

  • Ashley Fox (J.D./M.A. student) presented "Exploring media framing of the confirmation process of justices to the United States Supreme Court."
  • Deborah Dwyer (Ph.D. student), Richard Cole Eminent Professor Daniel Riffe and Martin Kifer presented "Gender uprising? Populism, anger, political efficacy, and information seeking in Trump’s America."
  • Justin Kavlie (Ph.D. student) and Richard Cole Eminent Professor Daniel Riffe presented "The opioid abuse epidemic and setting the news media agenda nationally and in four Appalachian states.”
  • Kyla Wagner ('19) and Richard Cole Eminent Professor Daniel Riffe presented "Freedom of expression: Another look at how much the public will tolerate."