'Snake your way to success' | Undergraduate Honors Thesis

Spring 2015 | Thesis adviser: Lois Boynton | Honors level: With Highest Honors

'Snake your way to success:' Innovations in College Journalism Education at Select Institutions

by Kendra Benner '15

Journalism educators are tasked with preparing students for the rapidly changing media industry. But, educators face the challenge of keeping up with the evolving industry while navigating elements of higher education that oppose innovation. However, many journalism educators are managing to innovate despite these challenges. In-depth interviews were conducted with eight innovative journalism educators. Their responses indicated several insights about innovating in journalism education, what drives innovation, and the nature of an innovator. Given the importance of innovation in journalism education, understanding what drives innovation in this context is vital. This study provides insights into how innovative educators work and think, and recommendations of how journalism administrators and educators can encourage innovation in their schools.



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