Archive of MJ-school majors and specializations

NOTE: The following specializations apply to undergraduate students who entered UNC prior to Fall 2017


Learn the principles behind advertising campaigns and the theories behind marketing and branding products.

Broadcast & Electronic Journalism

Prepares for careers in TV and radio broadcast news, and other fields that require clear, succinct communication across media platforms.

Editing & Graphic Design

Develop skills in story editing, headline writing, caption writing, page design and alternative story forms.

Interactive Multimedia

Learn to create informative and engaging interactive experiences through new technologies.

Photo & Video Journalism

Develop skills in multi-platform documentary storytelling, including photojournalism and video storytelling.

Public Relations

Learn about the foundations and practices to build relationships and communicate effectively.


The reporting specialization prepares students to think critically and write clearly for both print and digital media.

Strategic Communication

Learn about the foundations in ethical advertising and public relations practices.