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Our three-course certificate program will resume admissions in 2021, featuring new courses designed for working communications professionals.


Coming in 2021:
New Certificate Courses


MEJO 710: Psychology of Audiences

Why do audiences do what they do? How do you harness and interpret data to help drive communication strategy? With the fields of social psychology, consumer behavior and market research as your guides, you will identify an audience’s motivations, values and attitudes so you can more effectively analyze the what, why and how of audience behavior. Explore existing and emerging applied research techniques such as focus groups, eye-tracking, surveys and facial mapping.

This course is designed to help you:

  • Collaborate with market and consumer research specialists
  • Use the latest research technologies to understand and interpret audience insights
  • Execute tactics to translate those insights into action plans
  • Develop strategies to build social capital with target constituents, brand influencers and opinion leaders

MEJO 713: Media Analytics

How do you extract useful information and knowledge from data in digital and social platforms? What do data actually mean, and how do you use that knowledge strategically? Learn to apply data in a variety of ways, from data-driven storytelling to creating actionable insights.

This course is designed to help you:

  • Identify the appropriate analytics tools for projects
  • Use data analysis to strategically respond to challenges and opportunities
  • Uncover stories in data
  • Make evidence-based decisions

MEJO 720: Communication Strategy and Planning

How do you determine when and where to engage with target audiences? With all the media options available today, how do you decide what to do and also what not to do, based on the consumer decision journey? Develop the strategic skills you need to execute a go-to-market plan, enabling you to market anything to anyone.

This course is designed to help you:

  • Find an underlying business problem and set attainable communications goals
  • Identify and engage with target audiences
  • Craft a compelling message that spreads
  • Identify appropriate paid, owned, earned and shared media channels that build traction



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