PODCAST: Start Here / Never Stop Podcast: Walter Hussman, Jr. '68

Journalism is in 1968 graduate alumnus Walter Hussman, Jr.'s, blood. He began working for his family's newspaper business at age 10, and today he, with his family, owns multiple daily newspapers.

The core values he adheres to and prints each day in his newspapers are ones he learned as a UNC student and journalism major: objectivity, impartiality, integrity and truth-seeking. These core values have influenced his stewardship of the fields of journalism and media from an early age, and they compell the Hussman family to secure the future for innovative and trusted sources of information today.

With a $25 million gift in unrestricted endowed funds, Hussman, his wife Ben and their family make a significant investment in not only students, faculty and staff at the Hussman School, but also in the future of a profession which has the power to shape the world for the better.