Ruth Samuel '21 writes Teen Vogue op-ed: The ‘Strong Black Woman’ Stereotype Is Dangerous

UNC Hussman student Ruth Samuel '21, a member of Teen Vogue’s 2020 Youth Voter Committee, has written her first solo article for the publication. The op-ed, titled "The ‘Strong Black Woman’ Stereotype Is Dangerous" argues that, "when it comes time to help 'strong Black women' and 'fearless Black girls' in need, there are no national calls for justice, only radio silence." In a long, research-packed piece, Samuels discusses her own experience as well as those of women galvanizing protests across the country. "Though we’ve fought alongside everyone, even those who persecute us," she asks, "who will stand with us?" Read the op-ed here. 

Teen Vogue has been on the forefront of covering young people's inolvement in the political realm ahead of the 2020 election, and it announced in February that Samuel was one of only 12 students chosen to be on its 2020 Voter Committee. The Committee members serve as the magazine's "sounding board" on issues related to the presidential campaign.

Samuel was also the 2019-2020 year's Editor-in-Chief of The Bridge, an online publication that seeks to provide women of color the opportunity to showcase their creative talents. This spring, The Bridge launched the publication’s inaugural #21Under21 campaign, honoring 21 women of color student leaders who are 21 years old or younger. UNC Hussman student Vanessa Agunobi '21, a Hussman Ambassador, spoke with Samuel about the importance of the campaign in April. Read that story here.