UNC at 69th annual ICA conference in Washington, DC

Nine graduate students, 10 faculty members and five alumni will represent the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media May 24-28, 2019, at the 69th annual conference of the International Communication Association (ICA).

The Carolina contingent of scholars will participate in panel sessions and present authored or co-authored papers.

Carolina faculty and graduate student activities at ICA 2019 include:

Saturday, May 25 – Morning
  • Josh Barker (Ph.D. student) and Jacob Rohde (Ph.D. student) will present, “Topic Clustering of E-Cigarette Submissions among Reddit Communities: A Network Perspective.”

  • Fernanda Mediano-Stoltze (Ph.D. student), Francesca Dillman Carpentier, Emily A. Busey and Lindsey Smith Taillie will present, “Does the Health Halo Effect Persist in the Presence of Chilean Food Warning Labels? An Experimental Design with Breakfast Cereal Packages.”

  • Shannon McGregor (Utah), Daniel Kreiss and Regina Lawrence (Oregon) will present, “Communicating Identity-Ownership: Toward a Theoretical Synthesis.”

  • Fernanda Mediano-Stoltze (Ph.D. student), Francesca Dillman Carpentier, Marcela Reyes (Chile), Lindsey Smith Taillie, Teresa Correa (Diego Portales) and Camila Corvalan (Chile) will present, “Prevalence of Characters, Toys, and Other Child-Directed Strategies on Breakfast Cereal Packages before and after a Country-Wide Restriction of Unhealthy Food Marketing: A Focus on Chile.”

Saturday, May 25 – Afternoon
  • Victoria Ekstrand, Jürgen Buder (Tübingen), Brooks Fuller '06, '17 (Ph.D.) (Elon), Jasmine McNealy (Florida) and Guido Zurstiege (Tübingen) will present, “Empirical Evidence for the Echo Chamber Hypothesis.”
  • Victoria Ekstrand and Jasmine McNealy (Florida) will present, “Policy Implications for Information Distribution Organizations.”
  • Victoria Ekstrand and Amy Kristin Sanders (Texas) will present, “Global Regulatory Approaches to Hate Speech and Other Polarizing Content.”
  • Victoria Ekstrand, Brooks Fuller '06, '17 (Ph.D.) (Elon), Guido Zurstiege (Tübingen) and Jasmine McNealy (Florida) will present, “Hate All Around: The Empty Promises of Platform Governance, Silicon Valley, and Cyber-Libertarianism.”
  • Seth Noar, Jacob Rohde (Ph.D. student), Josh Barker (Ph.D. student), Marissa Hall and Noel Brewer will present, “How Do Pictorial Cigarette Pack Warnings Communicate Risk? A Meta-Analysis.”
Sunday, May 26 – Morning
  • Allison Lazard, J. Scott Brennen '13 (M.A.), '18 (Ph.D.) (Oxford), Elizabeth Adams (Ph.D. student) and Brad Love (Texas) will present, “Design Cues for Increasing Social Presence in Mobile Health Apps.”
  • Ashley Hedrick (Ph.D. student) and Francesca Dillman Carpentier will present, “Stigma and Challenges to Stigma Related to Prep Use: A Qualitative Examination of the Discourse and Information Shared through a Social Media Blog about Prep Experiences.”
Sunday, May 26 – Afternoon
  • Trevor Bell '19 (Ph.D.) and Seth Noar will present, “Formative Narrative Message Development and Pretesting for Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes.”
  • Elizabeth Adams (Ph.D. student), Allison Lazard and Justin Kavlie (Ph.D. student) will present, “Do People Believe “Everything Causes Cancer?” Testing the Effects of Relative Risk on Evaluations of Behavioral Feedback Generated by a Cancer Prevention App.”
  • Michele Meyer (Ph.D. student) will present, “‘Technology Can’t Replace Talent’: The Evolving Role of the Casting Director in the Digital Age.”
  • Ashley Hedrick (Ph.D. student) will present, “One Direction Real Person Fiction on Wattpad.Com: A Textual Analysis of Sexual Consent.”
Monday, May 27 – Morning
  • Dannielle Kelley '17 (Ph.D.) (National Cancer Institute), Seth Noar, Bobi Ivanov (Kentucky), Francesca Dillman Carpentier, Maria Leonora Comello and Brian Southwell will present, “Countering Misinformation: An Experiment of One- and Two-Sided Messages for Skin Cancer Prevention.”
  • Meredith Collins '19 (M.A.) will present, “Gendered Violence in Contemporary Young Adult Literature: A Textual Analysis.”
Monday, May 27 – Afternoon
  • Farnosh Mazandarani (Ph.D. student) will present, “Between a Camera and a Hard Place: A Content Analysis of Performer Representation in Heterosexual Pornographic Content.”

  • Lucinda Austin, Jeanine Guidry (VCU) and Michele Meyer (Ph.D. student) will present, “Gunviolence on Instagram and Twitter: Examining Social Media Advocacy in the Wake of the Parkland School Shooting.”

  • Jordan Morehouse (Ph.D. student) will present, “Illuminating the Invisible College of Engagement Research in Public Relations: A Cocitation Analysis.”

  • Deen Freelon will present, “Assessing the Power of Russian Political Disinformation on Twitter.”

  • Amanda Reid will present, “Fructifying the First Amendment: An Asymmetric Approach to Constitutional Fact Doctrine.”

Tuesday, May 28 - Morning
  • Adam Saffer, Aimei Yang (USC), Jordan Morehouse (Ph.D. student) and Yan Qu (Ph.D. student) will present, “It Takes a Village: NGOs’ Agenda Building amidst the International Refugee Crisis.”

Tuesday, May 28 - Afternoon
  • Adam Saffer, Aimei Yang (USC) and Yan Qu (Ph.D. student) will present, “Talking Politics and Engaging in Activism: The Influence of Publics’ Social Networks on Corporations in the Public Sphere.”


The full conference program can be found on ICA’s website.