Start Here / Never Stop Podcast: Lauren Berry ’08

Alumna Lauren Berry ’08 is the managing editor for data-driven news and automation at Bloomberg, where she manages a team of editors across the Americas that analyzes regular patterns in financial statements. She develops technology that can deliver anticipated news faster and more effectively to clients. Berry is also the deputy bureau chief, where she oversees more than 1,200 journalists and analysts at Bloomberg’s world headquarters. She cultivates and identifies talent and helps to facilitate the best positioning and growth of the bureau staff. She is the editorial representative responsible for working with machine learning and AI engineers to ensure that automated content best serves clients and meets newsroom standards.

She serves as the host for thought-leadership events with Bloomberg Live, including panel moderation and on-stage interviews.

Berry is an adjunct professor at UNC Hussman. She teaches a capstone course where students produce breaking news content on over 100 North Carolina-based companies to be published online and made available to publications throughout the state. Since 2017, she has trained student-journalists who come from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds in the Bloomberg-UNC-Berkeley Business Journalism Diversity program.

She attends Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism and double majored in journalism and political science at Carolina.

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