Diversity and Inclusion


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  • "MEJO 342: The Black Press and United States History– A chronological survey of the African American press in the United States since 1827. Emphasis is on key people and issues during critical areas in the African American experience.
  • "MEJO 441: Diversity and Communication" – An examination of racial stereotypes and minority portrayals in United States culture and communication. Emphasis is on the portrayal of Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans in the mass media.
  • "MEJO 442: Gender, Class, Race, and Mass Media" – The media play a critical role in the construction and contestation of ideas about gender, class, and race. Using a range of methods, students will analyze media messages past and present to understand how gender, race, and class influence media production and consumption.
  • "MEJO 437: Media in Asia" – The study of media in Asia, including how news and information are disseminated and used by audiences. Includes a trip to the region as part of the course.
  • "MEJO 443. Latino Media Studies" – An introductory course to the study of United States Latina/os and the media. It analyzes the media portrayal of Latina/os in United States mainstream media. The course also examines media that cater to Latina/os and explores the way in which Latina/o audiences use the multiple media offerings available to them.
  • "MEJO 446: Global Communication and Comparative Journalism" – Covers theories explaining the workings of global and local communication systems, the transnational flow of news, and opportunities and challenges that social media and other new platforms pose to the production and distribution of news. It also familiarizes students with the media communication systems of key countries.
  • "MEJO 447: Media in the United Kingdom" – The study of media in the United Kingdom, including how news and information are disseminated and used by audiences. Includes a trip to the country as part of the course.
  • "MEJO 846: Seminar in International Communication" – Reading and research in selected topics. Focus in recent years has included global news flow, communication and social change, communication in the collapse of communism, Western dominance in international communication, global culture, and the influence of technology.
  • "MEJO 847. Communication for Social Justice" – Examines the role of media and communication projects in advancing social justice goals. Surveys canonical literature and introduces students to the most recent approaches. Traditionally, the field has considered Global South projects and grassroots communication; this course pays attention to projects and programs for underserved populations of the Global North.
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For information on UNC-Chapel Hill diversity awards and scholarships, plus education and training workshops and program initiatives, visit the Diversity and Multicultural Affairs website.

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